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 TRIM 1+1


Natural Weight Managerment Product

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 TRIM 1+1


Natural Weight Managerment Product


TRIM   1 + 1

Medisum TRIM 1+1 is an innovative and science-based solution with natural ingredients. Taken in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle, medisum Trim 1+1 will help you feel healthier, lighter and in better control of your weight safely and naturally.

Due to product upgrading, medisum Trim 1+1 will no longer be available from 05/03/2021. Please await our upgraded product.


How to use

  • Adults should take 2 tablets twice daily with main meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  • Adults should take 1 sachet twice daily, with 250ml cold or warm water (avoid using hot water). Mix well and drink 15-25 minutes before meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  • Warnings

    Medisum TRIM 1 + 1 is for use by adults only.
    Chitosan should be taken at least one hour after any other medication as it may reduce the effect of other medications.
    Contains not more than 12.5mg caffeine.
    Contains Gluten.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Do not use if the tamper evident seal is missing, torn or broken.
    Do not use if the sachet is torn.
    If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

How it works

FAT Eraser uses four active ingredients to boost weight management by:
1.Reducing fat digestion and absorption
2.Boosting fat burning or thermogenesis
3.Providing antioxidant activity
4.Suppressing stress-induced overeating

CARB Remover also has four active ingredients which enhance  weight management by:
1.Reducing carbohydrate digestion and absorption
2.Promoting satiety and decreasing hunger
3.Promoting gastrointestinal health
4.Reducing gastrointestinal discomfort



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