LADIES!!!!! And gentlemen…..introducing, the new and innovative weight management program!! Its a science based solution, with natural ingredients! Exactly what Ive been looking for.
Without mentioning any names, last year I started a certain “health shake” program. It was going really well until I decided I could no longer keep up with the $800/month program. So I stopped it, and the minute I stopped, so did my metabolism!! It was worse than when I’d started!! Then I started looking for a natural, more healthier way to help manage my weight, THAT is when I discovered MEDISUM 1 + 1. It covers the 4 things I was looking for: natural, scientific, safe and effective.
The blend of herbal extracts including: chitosan, green tea, chromium, magnolia, white kidney bean, psyllium, oat and cistanche, all work together to bind dietary fats and inhibit the digestion of dietary starches, reducing the amount of fats and carbs absorbed in the body.
You simply take 2 tablets (fat eraser), twice daily with main meals, and then 1 satchet (carb eraser) twice daily 15min before lunch and dinner. Its that simple!
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