TRIM 1+1

How is TRIM 1 + 1 made?

  • Medisum’s Trim 1 + 1 is scientifically designed to provide a total weight management solution with one holistic, all-natural product.
  • Using plant-based ingredients which have been clinically proven to aid weight loss, it works to reduce body weight by cancelling carbohydrates and erasing fat.
  • The blend of herbal extracts has been meticulously formulated to bind dietary fats and inhibit the digestion of dietary starches, reducing the amount of fats and carbs absorbed in the body.
  • Sourced internationally through Australian suppliers, all the ingredients are safe and effective, complying with the stringent regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.
  • A unique combination of all-natural ingredients including chitosan, green tea, chromium, magnolia, white kidney bean, psyllium, oat and cistanche helps fight obesity on a number of fronts.
  • The blend works to reduce digestion and absorption of fat and carbohydrates, while also controlling the stress and anxiety associated with weight-management issues.
  • Magnolia, which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, plays a key role in alleviating stress-related over-eating and assists in reducing sleep disturbances commonly experienced by people grappling with their weight.
  • A unique formulation of essential minerals and fibre, further assists with regulating metabolism, promoting satiety and maintaining gastrointestinal health.
  • Trim 1 + 1 should be taken as part of a balanced lifestyle. It will help people who want a safe and natural way to feel healthier, lighter and more in control of their weight.

Does TRIM 1 + 1 have any side effects?

  • We have conducted extensive testing and have not found any side effects. TRIM 1 + 1 is manufactured right here in Australia using 100% Therapeutic Goods Administration approved active ingredients, TRIM 1 + 1 will help you lose weight without risking your health.

How do I use TRIM 1 + 1?

  • TRIM 1 + 1 includes 2 formulations, Fat Eraser and Carb Remover, that work together to help you achieve a healthy weight.
  • FAT ERASER: Take 2 tablets twice daily with main meals. Drink plenty of water. Take the tablets 1 hour after any other medication as the active ingredient chitosan may have an effect on other medication.
  • CARB REMOVER: Take 1 sachet twice daily 15-25 minutes before lunch and dinner. Mix the powder with 250ml of cold or warm water, mix well and drink immediately.

Is it necessary to take both the tablet and sachet?

  • Yes, you need to take both the tablet and the sachet to achieve your desired results. The two formulations of TRIM 1 + 1 are designed with ingredients that work together during weight loss therapy. The active ingredients reduce both fat and carbohydrate digestion and absorption. TRIM 1 + 1 also boosts satiety, making you feel fuller for longer.

Do I have to stick to a strict diet plan or exercise plan while using TRIM 1 + 1?

  • Maintaining a well-planned diet and exercise plan may aid in fitness and general health and prevents yoyo effects. It’s best to use TRIM 1 + 1 in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise to help you lose weight efficiently.

How much weight will I lose after taking TRIM 1 + 1? How long will it take to start losing weight?

  • Based on the clinical studies conducted on the active ingredients, TRIM 1+ 1 can help you lose up to 2–6 kg in a month. Your individual weight loss depends on taking the supplement as directed, in combination with a reduced calorie diet and sufficient physical activity. You may see changes as early as 4 weeks if you follow all the indications.

Will I regain weight I have lost if I stop taking TRIM 1 + 1?

  • TRIM 1 + 1 helps you lose weight in the short term as well as maintain your new lower weight in the long term. We suggest that you continue with TRIM 1 + 1 on a reduced dosage until you feel in control of your weight management. Continuing a balanced diet and regular exercise will help you to maintain your new healthy weight.

Is TRIM 1 + 1 suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

  • Yes. TRIM 1 + 1 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It contains only plant-based and non-animal derived ingredients.

Can TRIM 1 + 1 be used by both adult men and women?

  • Yes, TRIM 1 + 1 can be taken by both men and women. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are required to exercise caution and consult a healthcare practitioner.

Are there any food restrictions or any contraindications while using TRIM 1 + 1? For instance, any foods that should not be taken at the same time in order to avoid the potential interactions?

  • To our knowledge, there are no particular contraindications while taking the product other than not to take other medications within one hour of taking the tablet as it contains chitosan. There are no restrictions on foods that can be taken while using this supplement.

Are there any drug restrictions while taking TRIM 1 + 1?

  • You can continue to take you regular medication while taking TRIM 1 + 1, but please consult your health care practitioner to ensure there will be no adverse effects.

Are there any side effects, such as diarrhoea?

  • To our knowledge, TRIM 1 + 1 does not cause diarrhoea. Please seek medical advice if symptoms persist.

Are there any side effects, such as sleepiness and dizziness?

  • To our knowledge, TRIM 1 + 1 does not cause side effects of sleepiness or dizziness. If you experience sleepiness or dizziness while taking TRIM 1 + 1, you are advised to stop taking the product or reduce the dosage. If you wish, you can gradually increase to full dosage. You are advised to seek medical advice if symptoms persist at any stage.

Can I drink tea while taking TRIM 1 + 1?

  • You can continue drinking tea while taking TRIM 1 + 1. TRIM 1 + 1 contains green tea extract as one of the active ingredients.

Is it safe for women to use TRIM 1 + 1 during menstruation?

  • To our knowledge, there is no reason to stop taking TRIM 1 + 1 if you have your period. If you experience any gastrointestinal discomfort or any other mild upsets, you are advised to avoid taking the supplement during your period and recommence when it ends.