TRIM Women’s Multivitamin


Why should we use Multivitamins and minerals during/after weight management?

  • There is ample scientific evidence (please go through the information provided in Background) through a number of clinical research investigations that demonstrate the nutritional deficiencies that have been reported world-wide in overweight and obese people who are on reduced calorie diet or who have undergone weight loss treatments. These nutritional deficiencies may cause various other serious complications and reduce the quality of life. In order to avoid such nutritional deficiencies and also maintain healthy body weight and overall general health, it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements on a regular basis for many years.

Why should I choose TRIM-Women’s Multivitamin rather than other products?

  • Based on the scientific literature that is currently available on clinical investigations conducted by various research teams around the world, we have analysed the crucial requirements of essential vitamins and minerals that should be supplemented during and after weight loss treatment. A well designed approach to cater to the nutritional deficiencies through careful selection of vitamins and minerals including their levels has resulted in the formulation of TRIM Women’s Multivitamin. Minimal number of essential micronutrients at appropriately chosen levels will provide maximum potency. This will also help in reducing unwanted interactions and enhance the bioavailability of selected essential micronutrients which is the key attribute of our product as compared to so many other products in the market.
  • TRIM -Women`s Multivitamins has all the essential vitamins and minerals that meet the RDIs in Australia and also CFDA in China.  This product has Vitamin K, an essential fat-soluble vitamin which is not available in Blackmores and Swisse Multivite products. Vitamin K depletion may be there during Weight loss treatments and especially TRIM 1 +1 , binds and removes dietary fat, supplementation of Vitamin K is considered essential when using TRIM 1+1. When we compare with Blackmores Women`s multivite, our formulation has Vitamin D, Betacarotene, biotin and folic acid at higher levels. Also our product has higher quantities of  Vitamin D, biotin and zinc when compared Swisse Multivite product. Recent research indicates that there is a significant requirement for these micronutrients during weight management.

   Can you guarantee efficacy of the product?

  • Well established scientific evidence is available to date to prove the clinical efficacy of vitamins and mineral supplementation in reducing the nutritional deficiencies. Based on this evidence, we can guarantee efficacy of micronutrient supplements in general as provided by all the marketed brands.

What testing has been done on the product to prove its efficacy?

  • We have used all the active ingredients that have been permitted by TGA, Australia who will regulate all the Australian manufactured products. All the permitted active ingredients were also obtained from reliable sources after checking the raw material specifications by the manufacturer. All the active ingredients that are included in our products will also be certified by Australian Testing Laboratories to confirm their potency before being used in manufacture. All these active ingredients are guaranteed for their efficacy in the finished product.

Will there be any weight gain if we use vitamins and mineral supplements during or after weight management therapy?

  • No, according to clinical investigation done on women who had undergone weight loss treatment. There is also a common belief that there may be weight regain after weight loss treatments due to increased appetite. When women who lost weight after treatment were supplemented with Multivitamins and minerals , it was found that there was no increase in appetite in the tested group when compared to the placebo group. This study demonstrates that women after losing weight may not gain weight due to increased appetite if they are using multivitamin and mineral supplements regularly without fail and as recommended. These supplements have been recommended for life long use to reduce nutritional deficiencies after many weight management treatments. This will maintain normal healthy metabolism and promote healthy body weight maintenance in the longer term.

How does this product reduce the damage caused by the weight loss process?

  •       Vitamin B6 is associated with protein metabolism and is supplemented with B1 to avoid muscle loss during weight loss.
  •       Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and zinc prevent free radicals generated during exercise from harming the body and supporting immune system health.
  •      Vitamin A also regulates the function of epidermis and stratum corneum, making the skin firm and elastic, so you don’t have to worry about the skin becoming loose after weight loss.
  •      Vitamin K2 may occur after weight loss in most cases. Deficiency of K2 will lead to an increase in menstrual bleeding, skin prone to ecchymoses, and osteoporosis.

 Can pregnant or lactating women take it?

  • Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consult their health practitioner before taking vitamin supplements.

Can women take it during menstruation?

  • Yes

Can children take it?

  • This product is not recommended for under the age of 18 years.

What are the precautions when taking it?

  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to product ingredients (see package for ingredient list)
  • If you are using any medication, we recommend that you consult your health care professional.