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It starts with love, honey

The story begins with the brand founder Jane and her daughter

Jane came up with the idea of developing a scientific, healthy, natural and effective weight-loss solution to ease the pain for people suffering like her daughter was. She found support from Dr Shantha Kosaraju, a former research scientist with regulatory experience and an  Australian mother .

To help her daughter, Jane began to look further into the field of weight management. Leveraging her practical experience in medicine, Jane examined the best practices available in the weight-loss market, only to find the quality of weight loss products to be mediocre and the effectiveness of those products to be varied.

Dr. Kosaraju is a former senior researcher in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Australia’s CSIRO, who also previously worked as a market supervisory reviewer at Therapeutic Goods Administration. As an advisor, she is highly experienced and takes a rigorous approach to preserving scientific integrity.

The R&D team soon started working. They visited a number of laboratories and famous experts in the industry and conducted studies in collaboration with professional laboratories in Australia. Finally, the formula for TRIM 1+1 was ready to fill the gap in the market that Jane had identified3 years earlier. . Efficacy and a rigorous scientific approach are at the centre of medisum’s current market success.

The ingredients and formulations of medisum products are tested to ensure they are safe and effective, ensuring that there are no side effects or adverse reactions. Following listing the product through Therapeutic Goods Administration, Jane’s daughter was the first to try the new product and she lost weight. Besty said, “Since I took medisum, I have a waistline again. I’m flexible, rested, and my mind is active. I feel like I’ve transformed myself. Thanks, mum!” This was backed up by feedback from consumers. Jane and her team feel that it was all worthwhile, having helped Besty as well as a multitude of satisfied customers.