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Holistic, natural and sustainable approach to well being is thing but it is not a secret that at the same time I enjoy good food. I recently was recommended Medisum Trim 1+1 to assist with healthy body weight maintenance. is 100% natural and plant based that includes green tea, [...]

LADIES!!!!! And gentlemen.....introducing, the new and innovative weight management program!! Its a science based solution, with natural ingredients! Exactly what Ive been looking for. Without mentioning any names, last year I started a certain “health shake” program. It was going really well until I decided I could no [...]

Find out why I above No. 1 WATER - I never drink water No. 2 Not feeling bad about a sweet snack occasionally No. 3 Super excited to wear a bikini this Summer!!! Medisum is super easy to use - In tablet form and sachets for your water [...]

Have loved showing you my weight loss journey this year and I’m so excited as I’ve just hit the 20Kg loss since having bub! Woo hoo!!!! . One of the amazing products I’ve been using and have seen some great results is with medisum TRIM 1+1. I love [...]

beautiful.button -- Loving my lifestyle. Beach, sunshine, morning walks and eating well. Moving this post baby weight is finally happening and I’m feeling so good! . I’ve also been using Medisum TRIM 1 + 1 lately as it helps achieve and maintain those healthy weight loss goals. I love [...]

charisseo_ -- Currently obsessed with Medisum TRIM 1 + 1 - a complementary medicine that helps achieve and maintain healthy weight loss goals. What’s even better is that Medisum TRIM 1 + 1 has been scientifically tested and TGA approved! 👌